The Boy and the Beast

Kyuta, a boy living in Shibuya, and Kumatetsu, a lonesome beast from Jutengai, an imaginary world. One day, Kyuta forays into the imaginary world and, as he's looking for his way back, meets Kumatetsu who becomes his spirit guide. That encounter leads them to many adventures.

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Country: Japan

Language: 日本語

Studio: Chukyo TV Broadcasting Company (CTV), D.N. Dream Partners, DENTSU, Fukuoka Broadcasting System (FBS), Hiroshima Telecasting (HTV), Kadokawa Pictures, Miyagi Television Broadcasting, Nippon Television Network Corporation, Sapporo Television Broadcasting Company, Shizuoka Daiichi Television, Studio Chizu, Toho Company, Ltd., Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV), VAP

Runtime: 119 minutes

Quality: HD

Released: Jul 11, 2015

IMDb: 3